Ok…this post doesn’t have all that much to do with poker but I’ll get around to our favourite topic anyway.  Anyone have ninemsn.com as their default home page?  I’ve been sitting here today browsing the headlines as I am want to do whilst procrastinating about work, and the only thing that comes to mind is WTF?!?

The current headline… ‘Eaten On The Way To School.  Man arrested over girls grisly cannibal murder.’ 

Earlier today we had a piece on kids getting caught with their pet puppies…not disturbing of itself save for the fact that the dear little sweathearts, not satisfied with doing something as mundane as, oh I dunno…throwing a stick…decided it was better sport to light a fire and cook mans best friend for kicks. 

A poor commentary on parental restraints, or just a misunderstanding?  It seems the parents fare no better.  Just a few days ago we had a man allegedly piff his four year old off the West Gate bridge.

How about the fellow that a few weeks back decided to lop the head off the unlucky punter sleeping next to him on the bus and parade it in front of the other terrified passengers.  How disturbingly random is that?

It’s not that we haven’t had to endure the odd psycho over the ages, and we certainly don’t watch the news to feel good about the world, but am I the only one who shakes his head in wonder at the sheer weirdness of recent events? 

I remember the stranger danger campaigns back when I was in school, but when did Mr. Lollypop and his unmarked van become the lesser feared predator?  A puppy cuddled to death I could understand, but torched?  It’s a freaken puppy!  I’ll never close my eyes on public transport again, and as for taking a cullinary interest in human traffic…we shouldn’t even have to go there. 

I think most of us read these headlines behind the relative safety of our computer screens, and in acknowledging our inability to counter such arbitrary horrors simply hope and pray that our loved ones are never touched by it. 

Is there a global solution?  Probably not, so there’s little harm in suggesting that if everyone just played a little more poker the world might be a slightly better place.  Playing poker is safe…the most we stand to loose is a little money, and for the lesser players among us…some self respect.  I’ll take that over decapitation or kidnappings anyday, so I’ve resolved to up my playing schedule and spend more time on the felt.

Call me naive, but I’ve also changed my homepage to pokernews.com.  Phew.

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