Its that time again, where decency gives way to degeneracy and thousands of would be punter hero’s put their money where their mouths are and pony up the cash to wage war on the felt.  The World Series of Poker 2010 has begun.  From the Rio Casino and Hotel, five events have already seen bracelets deposited on the arms of the winning players, and the race for contention for the 2010 Player of the Year is also underway. The World Series is a time where past beats can be forgotten, new strategies unveiled, and long standing dreams become a reality.

If 2009 was the Year of the Pro its going to be interesting to see how well the regulars fare against the sea of newcommers or part timers looking to rake in their own piece of the action.  Quality of quantity, skill or luck, gamble or grind.

One thing we’ll be looking out for are the daily postings by the lads at wickedchops of the various railbird eyecandy which are as reliably present as the bloody and badly beaten bodies being ejected to said rail.

We haven’t had a look at what’s intended in terms of televised events but lets hope the folk at square central get their shit together this year and show us more than the odd highlight and main event.  Sure, we all gizz for holdem, but each tournament has its own share of hero’s, villians, hot new players and douchebags we all love to hate.  For those of us who can’t be there…show us the love!

No doubt we’re all interested to see if Ivey can top his 2009 efforts with multiple bracelets and an uber deep run in the main event.  Personally I’d like to see Patrik A, who I admittedly have a serious man crush on, spend a little time raping tourny tables as well as the cash games.

Giddy up for 2010 I say.

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