Well, I’ve seen out this years World Series of Poker in relative blog silence but have enjoyed the coverage offered by the crews at WickedChops and PokerNews.  Being downunder its not quite as easy as jumping on a flight for a few hours (twenty maybe) and being in the middle of the action.  Still, it looked to be an interesting series and I’m suitably jealous of those at ground zero.

It looked a sick run for some of the pro’s this year, not the least of which was Mr. Phil Ivey himself, and its brilliant to see a final table with a home name pro in the thick of it.

There still seems to be a lot of resistance to the November Nine concept.  Probably has something to do with not getting seeeetisfied after following the ME for 8 days only to remember we don’t get the finale for four months.  Bit like dipping your wick then being told you have to finish under your own steam.  I hope they give us more than last years two hour summary to make the wait worth the while.

I’m looking forward to the coverage of the series although I did hear that ESPN might only be televising the 40k event and Main Event, which would suck dogs balls because I’m sick to fkn death of watching re-runs of last years ME and WPT episodes from more than half a decade ago.  I pull my damn hair out every time I have to listen to Vince VP explain what a flop is in holdem.

Those relic episodes do make you realise how much poker has evolved though.  I find myself facepalming as a player in late position checks down with middle pair but at the same time lamenting the fact that I’m being four bet by the cut off for the third hand running in the microstakes online.  I’m starting to wonder if I missed the bus with the poker boom.

It will be interesting to see if anyone takes up Ch3ckraise on his BING BLANG BLAOW challenge.  Check out this twoplustwo thread if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  He’s offered a fiddy to anyone who comes out with it during the world series and it gets televised.  Gold.

Not much happening on the home front.  Hit a dry spell with tourneys and haven’t managed so much as a cash in the last two months, although to be fair that period has only seen me play four or five times.  More positive has been my showing in the home game Aussie Millions challenge where I’ve managed to take it down twice, and placed third once out of the last three.  I was a lucky donk to take first with one of them but have been reasonably happy with my play otherwise.  I’m now only trailing the leader by two points which makes the game interesting given the lead he had after hitting a hot streak and taking out the first three sessions.  The remainder of the field is still nipping on our heals at the half way mark.

It’s a great challenge and was a great idea, and I’d recommend setting up a tourney like this to anyone.  My mate has mentioned that in the unlikely event one of us actually took down the Aussie Millions next year, it would make an interesting dynamic that the first thing we would do with the prize money is give 90% of it away.  Still, better than a kick to the head.

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