Turbo poker tournaments have gained immense popularity of late, especially on the World Wide Web and online poker sites. Almost all major online rooms provide a good combination of turbo, super turbo as well as extreme or hyper turbo poker games. In this article, we will focus on the basic Turbo poker tournament strategy in its’ various stages.

The Basic Strategy of Turbo Poker

You need to understand that tournaments of turbo are not a hard nut to crack insofar as the stack size to blind ratio makes playing optimum poker more formulaic. However, the pace at which these tournaments are played can get so fast that they require good amount of luck as compared to any standard tournament or Sit n Go. The reason is that players unaccustomed to the structure quickly find themselves the short short stack, and many are reduced to fold or all-in decisions.

You must know that the possibility for post flop play in these games is far less then a normal SnG structure. Additionally, there is less scope for post flop play as you are more likely to be all-in at this point. Hence, an ideal Turbo poker tournament strategy must include significant starting hand selection as well as opting for the right spots to move in. this may be a little frustrating as you require risking all your chips so frequently. However, this is exactly the way such tournaments are played to experiece success towards the end.

The Early Stage

Here, you must strictly avoid getting involved with insignificant pots. Try sticking to strong hands you can back up with your stack. Expect coming across some wild plays at early stages of the tournament.  The early stage of a turbo tournament is known to be your only opportunity to play the real and right poker game because the blinds are relatively small as compared to the stack sizes. This lasts for about two to three levels having regard to the pace at which the blinds increase. However, until the big blind gets around the 1/10th of the starting stack size, you can prepare yourself to play hands without the need to restrict yourself to drastic moves.

The Middle Stage

In the middle stage of Turbo Poker Tournament strategy, starting hand selection becomes crucial. You must know that there is not much room for movement at this stage. You need to be absolutely prepared to put your entire stack at risk on any given hand. Also strictly avoid trying to get a little too tricky with marginal holdings. By playing hands selectively but aggressively we can place pressure on our opponents whilst looking to avoid similar pressure being placed on us. At some specific situations during this stage of the tournament, stop and go play can prove fruitful and enable you to pad your stack moving into the late stage.

The Late Stage

This is a stage where you are typically left with 6 big blinds or even less. This also means that you, and most of the other players at the table wind op in fold or all-in mode.  As there will be fewer players remaining at this stage of the turbo poker tournament, maintaining a stack can often come down to blind stealing.  Whilst still subject to your own observations of the other players at the table, it will be correct to move in whilst in the small blind against the BB in an unraised pot most of the time.  With only a few players left in the game, you can also push with wider range of starting hands rather than waiting for premium holdings.

At this stage, you can play aggressively and bully your opponents. You also need to take good advantage of players that tighten up. You may miss out on money on occasion by playing aggressively but with the payout structure for turbo tournaments favoring the top spot, its often profitable to just shoot for 1st.

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