Now Tiffany Michelle might look good enough to eat a plate of french fries off, but after having now seen just about all the footage of last years main event, I for one have let my initial enthusiasm for her deep run peeter out into reserved condemnation.  It’s not so much the way she played (which was impressively aggressive), or the fact that she had to suck out half a dozen times to avoid elimination (with a field that large, who doesn’t?).  It was just the fact that she was such a freaken b%*#h in the process. 

Am I in any position to judge?  How would I act if I smacked a couple of thousand other players in the rear to find myself in the top 30 at the World Series?  I dunno…I’d probably act like a right smarmy self congratulating tosser…but then I’d be the one who would have to suck up the blog posts written by poker champion wannabe’s about what a tool I was. 

We kick off this little poker remenisce where Tiffany Michelle calls the clock on Snead during a big pot.  Even if he was getting 10:1 odds on his money, like Marquis says…it’s just not cool.

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