Welcome to Texas HoldEm Rules Poker!  This online blog is dedicated to the form of poker which has acted as the vehicle to bring our favourite card game (poker) into the spotlight and living rooms of people around the globe…that form has been Texas Holdem.  For those of us who appreciate all forms of poker, including Omaha, Stud, Razz, and other variants, this site will endeavour to cater to them all.

However, we must pay due homage to the game which started the current generation craze, and acknowledge the fact that Texas HoldEm Rules Poker…now the next question is…do you?

This blog will aim to cater to various levels of poker enthusiasts, from the novice looking to learn the basic texas hold em poker rules, to the more advanced player looking to add another dimension to their online or live game.  Most importantly though, it is intended to be yet another corner of the web where you and I alike can be entertained by all that poker has to offer.  I’m certainly going to be sharing some of the donkey things I do on my travels, so tune in for more.

Remember the name, and the game…Texas HoldEm Rules Poker!

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