This PokerVT review (aka Poker Virtual Training) focuses on a new online poker training site which is the brainchild of much revered poker pro Daniel Negreanu.  Kid Poker has developed an intentionally unique method of poker training, which sees some of the top pro’s from both the real and virtual felt joining forces to provide an insightful yet practical approach to turning average players into profitable ones.  

There are two factors which immediately set PokerVT apart from competing poker training sites.  Firstly, there’s a strong element to the training which translates well into live play, which those looking to develop brick and mortar skills will immediately want to take advantage of.  Secondly, PokerVT is striving to provide a more in depth analysis of poker theory and how it translates into correct play.  Instead of the typical ‘on the fly’ commentary we’ve become accustomed to with many training sites, PokerVT takes the analysis one step further.  Not only will the instructors pause during video’s when learning opportunities arise to delve into detailed analysis, PokerVT goes the additional step of pitting pro against pro on tables where the players themselves explain why they are making certain decisions and taking various actions. There’s no holding back, as each player is ‘miked’ but are wearing audio headphones which prevents them from listening to the comments of the other players.

There is an instant allure to the prospect of watching a whole table of professionals play out a hand where each and every piece of the puzzle is laid out bare. 

The poker training hits on tournament play, heads up, sit n go, and no limit holdem cash games.  Both short handed and full ring games are covered. 


The Pro’s

Daniel Negreanu aka Kid Poker
If you’ve played poker…you know who he is.

Instructs: Basic & Advanced Strategy, Headsup Sit & Go, NL Cash

As the ambassador for poker and lifeblood of the PokerVT training program, Daniel Negreanu provides we the players with invaluable insight into the mind of the man who has eclipsed the competition in the world of poker personalities. We can start with his “Custom Course on Hold’em” which delves into basic strategies, game theory, how to play small ball poker and general poker playing guidelines.  Negreanu covers a range of situations including heads up, tournament play and cash games. 

We enjoyed the “Hand Analysis” playbook where hands are presented in “live video” format with each hand recieving appropriate analysis and narration by Negreanu. Seeing Negreanu disect other pro players such as Deeb and Hachem in video replay is a gem, and goes some way to answering the question of just how differently high stakes players view the game, and their competitors. 

Annette Obrestad aka “Annette_15″
2007 WSOPE winner
Instructs: MTT Tournaments “Learn To Pick Your Spots”

Obrestad primarily deals with when to steal, when to raise, when to fold in mtt tournaments, and provides some insight on her uber aggressive style.

Adam Junglen aka “AdamJunglen”
Online Tournament Pro
Instructs: Tournaments

Junglen’s videos provide a focus on playing analytical and thoughtful poker, encouraging us to consider position, understanding betting patters, the impact of stack sizes and blind levels, as well as the importance of changing gears.  His video’s are in our view some of the best, and his detailed approach to poker is reflected in his instruction.  Through emulation alone players stand to benefit from his insight.

You'll Get The Pro's Perspective At The Table

Paul Wasicka aka “Kwickfish”
Runner Up WSOP 2006
NBC Heads Up Poker Champion 2007
Instructs: Headsup Tournament

Wasicka’s proven track record in heads up play makes him a valuable addition to PokerVT, although at the time of writing it is to be hoped that the limited number of video’s will increase.  If you’ve followed Wasicka’s contributions to Bluff Magazine you’ll appreciate that this is another pro who uses a deep analysis of each poker situation in his decision making process, and this translates well into the type of learning experience PokerVT is looking to provide. 
Justin Smith aka “Booosted J”
Online Cash Game Junky
Instructs: NLHE 6max Cash Games

Dealing with low to mid stakes short handed cash games, Booosted J allows us to delve into his world of ring game strategy, from the basics, to chip accumulation (even in a cash game) and how to use a stack to take advantage of the weaker players.  He also advocates patience and provides examples of the importance of picking our spots. 
JC Alverado aka “PrtyPSux”
Instructs: Cash games (full and short handed)

Alverado is a little left of field in comparison to some of the other instructors, but he provides a detailed 3 series mantra on crushing mid to high stakes cash games.  Table image, bankroll management, and aggression are covered in detail as well as some invaluable tips on how to deal with sitting at a table with pro’s.  We also enjoyed his emphasis on instinctual play and why trusting your read (once you have the skill set to make them) can be integral to profiting at the poker table. 


Professor Charley Swayne
Instructs: Math

No joke…in a true bid to provide a stand out service PokerVT have enlisted the assistance of math guru Charley Swayne.  We initially shirked the idea of doing anything that remotely resembled going back to math class, but then the only time we’ve really enjoyed math is when it helped us make the right decision at the poker table…or when we were ignoring it all together.  Having said that, the lessons to be learned in these videos are so fundamental to playing poker that we forced ourselves to watch.  We ultimately decided that if you have to learn about math and probability, video is the best way to do it.  The only way this sort of topic might have been improved is if they had Shannon Elizabeth as the instructor, but then we decided that would just be too much of a distraction.  Thumbs up for Prof Swayne. 

This Is One Lecture You Wont Fall Asleep In

This Is One Lecture You Won't Fall Asleep In!

The Bad

As you’ll see below, in providing such a slick interface with high quality video, it’s no surprise that PokerVT is something of a resource hog.  Slower computers may struggle for system resources, and you’ll do yourself a favour by running the site in Firefox rather than IE.  Whilst the video quality is almost always top notch, at times the audio is a little too quiet and instructors will on occasion mumble their way through a sentiment.   The lack of a forum is a major minus but one which could be easily remedied and may well be in the future. 

For the most part the instruction on PokerVT is fantastic.  Having said that, there were times in Obrestads delivery where we felt like it was more about her complying with contractual obligations than any real zeal for poker coaching, but to be fair that may be simply reflect a more reserved personality.  What she had to say was nevertheless engrossing, and it’s hard to compete with the flair that Negreanu brings the table. 

Finally, the poker test offered on PokerVT is a bit of a dud.  The questions really didn’t seem to reflect on the training and beyond getting a result there’s no hint at why answers might be wrong or right.  Our time was better spent watching Jessica Biel in re-runs of Seventh Heaven and dry humping the living room couch. 

The Good
As pointed out above, the video’s this site has are excellent quality.  In fact, the whole interface is eye candy.  The site boasts high quality and experienced instructors who throw their considerable weight behind a site that strives to be dynamic in the way it delivers poker lessons to the masses.  You’ll find yourself wanting to watch the video’s out of desire instead of feeling like your trawling through information out of need, and that means higher retention rates for the details being imparted.  The stand out remains the detail with which plays and strategies are deconstructed and reviewed with meaning, and the fact that we are truly taken inside the minds of some of the best players the poker industry currently has to offer. 

Your Chance To Go 1 On 1 With Kid Poker

Your Chance To Go 1 On 1 With Kid Poker

How Much Is It Gunna Cost Me?

Iniitally the sign up seems hefty at $149, but that includes your first 90 days, with subsequent months leaving you short only $29.99.

All In Or Fold?

If the launch is any indication of the veracity with which Negreanu is devoting himself to this project then there is little doubt that the site will continue to both meet and exceed the expectations of new and advanced players alike.  Given that the site really takes the time to forge new training platforms and provide unique methods of instruction, we’re all-in on this one.

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