Just an interesting little tidbit which has reared its head this morning.  Apparently PokerStars has been experiencing a software glitch that enables players to accept the ‘rematch’ option after playing a heads up SNG…even if they don’t have enough cash in their account to foot the buy in.

Predictably, this has resulted in players with well off friends taking advantage of the glitch and fleecing this online poker bohemoth for thousands in short order.

It raises some prickly questions as to how the site will deal with funds gained due to the ill fated error, as well as those lost by legitimate players who were unknowingly matched up with free-rollers.  An additional dynamic is the question of how the site will determine whether losing players were in fact unwitting victims of the glitch, or whether there have been instances of dumping with a view to sharing the ultimate profit generated by the free buy in.

Its clear some players are keenly taking advantage of the loophole.  Check out ‘nugloker’ on sharkscope who has allegedly been making the most of the opportunity…or is on one hell of a heater.

For more discussions on the issue you can also check out the 2+2 thread.

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