This is a quickie but a goodie.  I realised one thing we didn’t cover when we took a look at calculating poker pot odds and our discussion of implied odds earlier was simply what percentage we had of making our hand depending on the number of outs in the deck.  Remember that ‘out’s are cards in a deck that make our hand.  For example, if we are on a heart flush draw with two hearts on the flop, we typically have 9 outs (nine heart cards still left in the deck that make our five heart flush). 

Now, we did take a look at one easy way to calculate our pot odds, but if you kick ass at counting how many outs you have, it also pays to commit to memory the percentage likelihood of hitting our hand depending on our number of outs. 

So without further ado, here are the odds of making our hand based on the number of outs we have.  Note – these odds are based on post flop percentages with the turn and river to follow.

Outs | Odds

1         4.3 %
2         8.4 %
3         12.5 %
4         16.5 %
5         20.4 %
6         24.1 %
7         27.8 %
8         31.5 %
9         35 %
10       38.4 %
11       41.7 %
12       45 %
13       48.1 %
14       51.2 %
15       54.1 %
16       57 %
17       59.8 %
18       62.4 %
19       65 %
20       67.5 %

If we know our outs, and the percentage likelihood of hitting those outs, we can use that information to determine our pot odds, and whether we have the odds to stay in the hand.

When counting outs, always remember not to double up and over estimate our percentage of hitting a hand.  For example, lets say we hold 7h 8h and see a flop of Ah 9d 6s.  Here we have an open ended straight draw and a flush draw.  We have nine outs as any heart will give us the flush, and any five or ten will make us a straight.  However, we can’t count the 5h or 10h because we already factored those cards into our flush outs.  Therefor, our number of outs is 15, giving us a 54.1% chance of hitting our hand on the turn or river.

Happy hunting.

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