All serious poker players are interested in learning the skill required to make poker and winning and profitable passtime, or career.  However, many new players aren’t sure where to start building their skill set.  The recent boom in the popularity of poker has had one dramatic but undeniable side effect.  Whereas previously, successful poker players had been at some effort to conceal their playing styles and the strategies they use to win, there is now a far greater communal knowledge of poker available to new players.  The consequence has been an unprecedented rise in the ability of the ‘average poker player’.  But how do we, as the average player, take the next step to becoming a winning player?  Poker training sites are providing the answer.

Texas holdem training sites provide a unique opportunity to learn poker from the pros.  There’s nothing quite so educational as sitting down and having the thought processes of a winning player layed out bare before you.  It can literally mean a quantum leap in our understanding of poker theory, strategy, and playing styles.  It is, quite simply, the best way to jumpstart our online playing careers in the shortest timespan posssible. 

There are several organisations offering poker lessons online, and I’m endeavoring to provide an unbiased review of the more prominant poker training sites. 

Outstanding Poker

A savvy internet group of pro online poker players who usually lay low have recently opened up a poker training school.  It’s humble beginnings are as inruiging as it’s potential.

Tim McKillican launched a poker coaching service for 12 people in 2006, after laying a wager with a friend and fellow poker payer that he could train random people to make 5 figure monthly incomes strictly from playing online poker. Remarkably, of the initial 12, two dropped out…the other 10 made it.  It was a poignant demonstration of the power of poker lessons online.

Since then, McKillican has launched a membership site for people looking to become profitable poker players. He boasts a $10,000+ monthly profit margin from online poker alone, which for most of us is something to strive to achieve.  

McKillican has teamed up with fellow online poker professional and Internet Entrepreneur Errol Potok with a view to bringing together one of the newest but most comprehensive poker training schools online, with a collective goal of helping even new low stakes players achieving between $200 and $1000 profit per day.

So does the poker training site live up to the hype?  I spoke to Errol about Outstanding Poker in it’s early launch phase from the perspective both of a player and a fellow marketer.  I expressed to him the reservation that competing with popular sites such as Cardrunners, who sport ultra high stakes players the likes of Townsend, was a fairly big ask.  His response was to show me just how much effort was being put into providing high quality, relevant content to cater to each level of poker players in need of such a service. 

But beyond that, what really sets Outstanding Poker apart from some of the more established poker training platforms is that the core video series is specifically designed to teach us how to emulate the way the coaches play.  Many training sites provide a somewhat eclectic approach to the overall training, hitting on the fundamentals but failing to draw them together in an A-B-C approach to creating winning players.  Not so with Outstanding Poker, where you’ll find minimal distractions when it comes to learning to do exactly what the pros do.  Want to be a player who nets 10 – 15k a month?  Here’s your chance to be shown how.

The obvious question is whether this ‘focus’ prevents Outstanding Poker from catering to more dynamic playing styles.  Arguably it might, but frankly…trying to figure out how to improve on a 15k a month game is a problem most of us are happy to have.  In addition, the site is regularly updating their video content to cater to more advanced theory. 

Look at it this way…what would you prefer to see, a pro showing you how they would deal with any given situation, or a pro telling you what YOU should do?

As one might expect, the pros at Outstanding Poker have recorded their success and provide poker training videos which let us take a peek at every hand they play.  Statistics on their progress can be viewed but as with any poker training site the real value comes in being able to not only see what they are doing but understand why they are doing it.

Here’s a sample video to give you a taste of what Outstanding Poker has to offer.   



If there’s any issue with Outstanding Poker it is probably the initial sign up fee, which at $97 can be a little hefty for low stakes players and what is, for the time being, a lesser established training site.  Having said that, $100 bucks is about the going rate to sign on to most online poker tratining sites, and in the case of Outstanding Poker it’s offset by the cost of the monthly membership, which is an extremely reasonable $14.95. 

Errols’s a driven businessman and an avid poker player.  This one is worth taking a look at, and sticking with purely for it’s potential.  You can expect membership prices to rise in the near future once word gets out.

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