I’m not a poker pro.  Chances are I’ll never be one.  I’m ok with that because there’s something I just freaken love about sitting at the felt at a home game with a beer in my hand trying to out-think the player sitting accross from me.  It’s probably fortunate because the reality is that at the moment, my bankroll isn’t anywhere even close to being at a level that could sustain one, much less regular 10k entry fees.  Having said that though, I doubt there would be many avid players with baby bankrolls who haven’t entertained at some time the prospect of getting to play in a main event.  Recently, I’ve had an opportunity open up which may well see that opportunity become a reality.  Best of all, it might be achieved through the humble home game.

The principle is a simple one and no doubt it’s an arrangement which has been and will continue to be repeated by many others across the globe.  A tournament with 10 players, over 12 months, at $100 a month with a point system which ultimately provides a prize pool that sees one lucky mug taking pole position when the order to shuffle up is given at the main event.  It also leaves some juice to send one other happy punter off to a minor event, with runners up getting their shot at the big one through sattelite tournaments.  All participants recieve a stake in the event that the winning players cash at the series. 

I’m to be part of such a group with a just such a tournament kicking off later this month, and I reckon I’ve been pretty fortunate in terms of who I’ll be up against.  FIrstly, they are a decent group who I enjoy playing with on a regular basis.  For the most part, the prospect of spending every fourth Thursday evening in their company is certainly no big ask.  Secondly, just between you and me I think I have a reasonable chance of outstripping at least half of them :)  Only a few regularly read this blog, but if those who don’t think they might know who I am…my name is Jakob Ivanovnaoicnanichvik and I herald from a small town just south of Istambul…

Nah, they are a pretty solid group, which brings me to my third point.  It actually won’t matter too much who wins, I’d be pretty stoked to see any of them play in the main event, and do well. 

It’s an exciting prospect to think that this time next year, one of us is guaranteed to be fine tuning our skills to take a shot at a 10k buy in event, having only laid out a measly grand to get there.

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