What can I tell ya…I’m a bit of a poker junkie, and if you’re anything like me and the poker crew if you have a spare three minutes waiting for a train, your morning coffee, or even if you’re just having some quality time on the porcelain throne… you might as well spend it playing poker. Here are a couple of options to play poker on your Blackberry mobile, courtesy of Bplay.

World Poker Tour® 2 - Texas Hold'Em

Gotta love the WPT. This game doesn’t quite capture the essence of poker but it does a half way decent job of emulating a final table, and this version has corrected some annoying quirks the original had. Pave your way across the globe taking down ever increasing tourney bounties, or ante up for a cash game. It’s all good poker, and this ones a permanent fixture on my mobile.

Poker Blast

Poker with a puzzle. Get all your poker brain cells working overtime with this poker game with a twist.

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