Proving once and for all that he can take degeneracy to new levels, the Phil Laak Poker Endurance Challenge has not only broken its 108th hour as at the time of writing, but has well and truly crushed the previous Guinness World Record of 78 hours, 25 minutes and 45 seconds held by Paul Zimbler.  What’s Laak been doing for the last four odd days?  Playing poker obv.

With just 5 minutes worth of break per hour (bankable) Laak has been playing $10/$20 no limit holdem and after a few swings is presently showing a small profit, half of which will go to his nominated charity of

You can check out the streaming video at Laak’s website.  Don’t expect Phil to be wavering any time soon though, we’ve been watching since the get go (not including the times we’ve been punching out zzzzzzz’s) and keep expecting to find Laak out for the count.  Nevertheless, he’s still going strong and a recent visit from his doctor confirms his blood pressure and vitals are all good.

The streaming is worth taking a look at, although Laaks antics have to surely start winding down soon (the railbirds confirm his assistant is hot though, so there’s something to look at).

Sick stuff at the B.

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