If you’ve spent anytime foraging around the online poker community of late, you might have noticed the number of disgruntled or disillusioned players of online poker stating that the ‘games are dead’. Even if you’ve only stuck your head in the twoplustwo forums for a minute or two you’ll see people go so far as to joke that ‘there’s no money in $2NL, everyone’s solid’.

Whilst its fair to assume the standard of play at micro-limits is still pretty bad, the real message behind those sorts of wry sentiments is that making significant money at poker is harder than ever. Is it true?

It’s certainly fair to say that the days where fish masquerading as whales donked off thousands each session are over. Deep-stack tournies where half the field happily snap shoved middle-pair-no-kicker on a textured board before the first break, are gone. If you missed padding your bankroll during the poker boom, chances are that’s a lost opportunity you’re not likely to get a second shot at.

We all know the game has changed. Aggression in holdem poker is no longer a winning strategy in its own right, its more like a universal constant, an unquestioned and essential element in attaining a decent ROI. We’ve all had to adapt to the way a communal approach to poker knowledge has shifted the industry on its head. We’ve all been forced to re-evaluate our approach after being three bet pre flop and floated on the turn by a pimply headed kid across the table who looks like he was still eating out of a lunch box last week.

Taking all this into account, are the games online really that tough, and if they are, how do we go about finding juicy tables and easy money? Our suggestion, follow the frenzy.

What do we mean by this?

There are literally hundreds of online poker sites to play on. It seems like a new platform springs up every week, and perhaps not surprisingly there is a high attrition rate for those sites which don’t measure up to player expectations. But what you’ll also find is that many of the sites which have established themselves as trustworthy in the poker community also go to significant lengths to maximise the rewards for participating on their site, and regularly exchange body blows with one another on the promotions front.

In our view there are two ways players can benefit from the commercialism of online poker sites. The first is obviously to take advantage of the promotions.

The second is to be aware that the more lucrative the promotion, the more likely it is that new players will take to the felt. In addition, bad players who previously threw in the towel can also be encouraged back into the fray. If you ‘follow the frenzy’ created by the latest publicity push, it can be a great opportunity to relieve those new and former players of their rolls before they return to poker obscurity.

We’re always keeping an eye out for poker sites which are prepared to reinvent themselves, and the potential windfall this can create for discerning players.

It’s just one additional angle in an increasingly competitive poker world, and certainly worth exploiting.

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