Texas Hold`Em is incredibly popular and a wealth of information is available to help the novice. Whilst great if you are a new player, the downside is that games become more and more difficult as the standard of players increase. Since you can only win a game by getting someone else to make a mistake, if the other players are well versed in strategy it can become very hard to make a profit.

As a result, many players look for other games to play. Switching to Omaha high Low is a good option as the concepts are similar and many of the people playing Omaha do not have a solid understanding of the game. Many treat Omaha like a game of Hold`Em and overplay hands that, in reality, they should not even be playing to start with.

In Omaha High Low you are given four cards rather than two and if you don`t get lucky with the best five card hand you can win 50% of the pot with a low hand where all five of your cards have a value lower than an 8.

One of the hardest things for Hold`Em players to adjust to is the requirement to use two cards from the hand. Whilst Hold`Em players frequently choose just one card from their hand to play, or even play the board, in Omaha that is not an option.

If there is no winning low hand, the player with the best high hand takes the whole pot. There are more ways to win, but on the flip side there are also more ways you can be outdrawn and lose. Learning to take this increased risk of losing into account is vital.

Making a profit depends on winning the whole pot. Whilst netting half of the pot is preferable to losing, you will only make large profits by scooping everything. Knowing how to win the low side of the pot is crucial.

Some experienced players believe it is impossible to play a hand that does not contain an ace. This strategy is quite extreme, but for beginners, deciding to fold a hand if it doesn`t contain an ace could be a good starting point.

Position is crucial in Omaha Hi Lo. Therefore, borderline hands should not be played unless you are in a late position in an unraised pot. Tips for playing the flop are also a key part of the overall game strategy. Mostly, drawing a low after the flop should be avoided unless you already have the best four to a low. Finally, a mistake often made in Omaha Hi Lo is drawing to a running low. It is not a good idea to draw to two cards for a low.

In summary, Omaha Hi Lo is a great way to increase your the winnings you can make from poker games online, but be prepared to put in the time adapting your game from Hold`Em and honing the skills required to win the low.

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