It’s been a while…and that’s not just the title of a good song (hell of a song actually, better DL it on iTunes while I bat this out).  Nope, my fingers, a keyboard and poker haven’t made a collective gasp in almost a month.  Had I lost inspiration?  Suffered a stroke inducing bad beat playing heads up 4 rollz and given up poker?  Absconded with half a million in corporate trust funds? 

Nup…But here’s what I have been doing.

I’m finally getting Foxtel.  What this means…hell most of you already have and I’m just a degen for only getting it now but…what this means is that I no longer have to jump on to YouTube to watch poker.  Poker in high definition is freaken awesome.  We haven’t gotten it installed yet but I’ve seen it at my mates and it’s spunk worthy. 

I will say though that the sales people Foxtel have pushing their product leave a little to be desired.  I had some chap who looked like he jumped straight out of a bollywood flick and was trying to run through a poorly memorized sales pitch in the middle of an epileptic fit.  He was jerking around in a fair immitation of enthusiasm but I was four days into a blistering head cold and really just wanted to punch him in the face and leave him bleeding on the doorstep.  Unfortunately he was actually selling something I wanted so I invited him in. 

I’ll spare you the details but safe to say if I do some salesperson shmuck the favour of earning him a commish the last thing I want is to have them (his manager joined us to oversee the transaction) using my home phone to make calls, asking me for free legal advice, and I sure as chit aren’t interested in making them a cup of tea.  Lemme sign my contract and GTFO. 

We’ve had two more Aussie Millions games and I’m now second in points with about three other players.  Leo, our nemesis, has won 3 out of 3 and is trying to convince us all his deep run in this years millions wasn’t a fluke.  Ok mate…I believe you, now let us mere mortals have a crack.  This is one bloke who can have his money in against you as a 95/5 dog and it still winds up a coin flip.  Talk about kissed on the dick by the poker Gods.  Did I mention the bloke can play? 

The good news is that if things keep going the way they are I’ll have a piece of him in next years main event. 

Been tinkering with some Full Tilt Poker mods because the avatars look about as spastic as my Foxtel bloke.  I’ll post a few of them here in case anyone is interested, and will probably create a section to download them from.  If you don’t know what a ‘mod’ is it basically involves changing your table, chip and avatar appearance so your playing experience isn’t akin to a kindergartenized home game.  If I want cartoons I’ll watch Nickelodeon on my fkn Foxtel.

I read that Negreanu was doing some sort of challenge where he turns $10 into $100k ala Jesus.  I decided I would give this a shot but start with nothing but FPP.  Now, this sounded like a good idea and I have crap bankroll management, so I was sort of teaching myself a lesson.  But grinding the uber microstakes has just about made me pop a vein.  I’ve stuck at it though and in the last couple of weeks have run 0 up to over $100 playing over my lunch hour.  If I can avoid getting brain dead bored grinding out the super low limits I’ll try and make something of it.  Probably not though.

That’s about it for now.

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