Seems having the first name Brian might be an advantage against Ilsidur1.  We’ve only been railing this match for half an hour or so, where Full Tilt Pro Brian Townsend is going toe to toe with Isildur1 across 4 tables of 300/600 PL Omaha. 

This match is sicker than a 150 pound teenager after a slab of beer and a shady prawn cocktail.

Here’s some of the bigger hands thus far.  As at the time of writing, Isildur1 looks to be about $300k down, which isn’t saying much, considering he was $650k down ten minutes ago. The Isildur1 and townsend rematch is heating up.

Even just in the time it took to write this post, Isildur1 looks to be about even. But there’s over $1,750,000 on the tables in play at the moment, and a LOT of it looks to be Isildur’s.

UPDATE: Townsend eventually quit Isuldur1. That may have been to Isildurs advantage considering Townsend had large stacks on 3 of the 4 tables. We haven’t got an analysis as yet but it seemed like Isildur1 ran below EV in a number of key pots, at least one of which was $400k plus.

END RESULT: In total Isildur dropped $658k to Townsend.

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