It’s been an interesting month of poker. The World Series Of Poker November Nine finally played it out to bring an end to the 2009 WSOP. Kudos to Eastgage for taking the mantle, and to Dennis Phillips, my personal fave, for taking out third and knowing when to lay down hands. I’m following the online vibe to decide whether the delayed final table was a win or a wash. If there was a media blitz leading up to the November Nine it certainly wasn’t focused south of the equator, and we downunder could have been forgiven for forgetting that there were still nine blokes still waiting to take their slice of a $20M pie. The lead up series was decent but I was a little dissapointed at the delayed telecast of the final table and having numerous hours of play condensed into two. Still, it closes out another big year and it was awesome to see the numbers up. Now on to a more personal front…

It’s been a mixed time for me and I’ve experienced a few up and downs on the felt. My humble bank roll has taken a bit of a beating online, forcing me to move down a level and exert some much needed discipline. I actually think I’d been playing online a bit too much. I’ve limited myself over the last few weeks to just playing occassionally and the break seems to be doing me good.

I took down a lazy Sunday sesh at the Arcadia last weekend, which was good for $150, a slab, and an Arbutus watch. Not bad for a measly $20 buy in, which was about all I was prepared to risk after a heavy night on the sauce. It’s a handy alternative to grinding through a series of the Australian Poker League or National Poker League. Not that there’s anything wrong with pub poker mind you, but for a bit of casual play the prizes at the Arcadia made it a fun filled afternoon. If you’re in South Yarra, Melbourne, check it out. The structure is decent too, with starting stacks (including top ups) maxing out at 10k with blinds starting at 25/50.  I later had my rear handed to me when I bubbled a home game tourney.  My pocket fives against K4 on a board that run out AA288.  Sick…but a load of fun.   

What I’m really excited about though is the tourney this weekend at a mates place, where we’ll be playing an uber deep stacked single table – final table reinactment with about 11 million chips in play. It’s a bit of a giggle, but pushing around massive stacks of clay should make for a good time. The prize moneys all right too, with 1k for first.

I’ll recap that once it’s over, but it’s a pretty strong table of 10, so I’m going in aiming to enjoy myself…  Nope…screw it, I’m just gunna try and win.

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