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Off Beat Archives

Top 10 Hottest Women Of Poker 2009

Its been done before – hell, its even been done well…but if the recent murmurings on 2+2′s BBV forum are anything to go by, no one’s going to be complaining if we throw in our two cents worth and post our own 10 Hottest Women of Poker 2009.

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It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while…and that’s not just the title of a good song (hell of a song actually, better DL it on iTunes while I bat this out).  Nope, my fingers, a keyboard and poker haven’t made a collective gasp in almost a month.  Had I lost inspiration?  Suffered a stroke inducing bad beat playing heads up 4 rollz and given up poker?  Absconded with half a million in corporate trust funds? 

Nup…But here’s what I have been doing.

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Ok…this post doesn’t have all that much to do with poker but I’ll get around to our favourite topic anyway.  Anyone have as their default home page?  I’ve been sitting here today browsing the headlines as I am want to do whilst procrastinating about work, and the only thing that comes to mind is WTF?!?

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Aussie Millions Shakedown

The Aussie Millions has come to an end for 2009.  It was a particularly exciting year for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that a good mate made an impressive run, finishing a very respectable 29th and cashing for a cool 40k…you’re a champ Leo.  Another was that the title was finally taken down by an Aussie. 

Our group has had our inspiration inflamed by our friends finishing tally and our home game series, which will see at least one of us complete in next years main event, kicked off last night.

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Poker Table Chatter

If you’ve spent any time at all playing poker online one of the things you will have learned to pay attention to (or block out competely depending on the situation) is table chatter.  Often it can be harmless banter, but often it gets personal, but there’s nothing more boring than profanity censored rants which really do nothing more than make the aggreived player look like a twat.  Recently though,  I’ve been privvy to a couple of decent little poker sayings and come backs, so I’ve documented them as best I can remember.  Playing poker well is one thing, having the mouth to go with it can be a thing of beaty.

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You Know You’re A Poker Junkie When…

You know you’re a poker junkie when…

  1. Every time you see a map reference like K 10 you instantly equate it with a group 6 Sklansky starting hand.
  2. You know the full name and moniker as well as every major tournament achievement of your favourite player, but are only vaguely aware that your first child was born ‘some time in February a couple of years back’.
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I’m not a poker pro.  Chances are I’ll never be one.  I’m ok with that because there’s something I just freaken love about sitting at the felt at a home game with a beer in my hand trying to out-think the player sitting accross from me.  It’s probably fortunate because the reality is that at the moment, my bankroll isn’t anywhere even close to being at a level that could sustain one, much less regular 10k entry fees.  Having said that though, I doubt there would be many avid players with baby bankrolls who haven’t entertained at some time the prospect of getting to play in a main event.  Recently, I’ve had an opportunity open up which may well see that opportunity become a reality.  Best of all, it might be achieved through the humble home game.

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Play Poker On Your Blackberry Mobile With BPlay

What can I tell ya…I’m a bit of a poker junkie, and if you’re anything like me and the poker crew if you have a spare three minutes waiting for a train, your morning coffee, or even if you’re just having some quality time on the porcelain throne… you might as well spend it playing poker. Here are a couple of options to play poker on your Blackberry mobile, courtesy of Bplay.

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Final Table Action

It’s been an interesting month of poker. The World Series Of Poker November Nine finally played it out to bring an end to the 2009 WSOP. Kudos to Eastgage for taking the mantle, and to Dennis Phillips, my personal fave, for taking out third and knowing when to lay down hands. I’m following the online vibe to decide whether the delayed final table was a win or a wash. If there was a media blitz leading up to the November Nine it certainly wasn’t focused south of the equator, and we downunder could have been forgiven for forgetting that there were still nine blokes still waiting to take their slice of a $20M pie. The lead up series was decent but I was a little dissapointed at the delayed telecast of the final table and having numerous hours of play condensed into two. Still, it closes out another big year and it was awesome to see the numbers up. Now on to a more personal front…

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A Day In The Life Of A Donkey

Written By…some random donkey.

I woke up this morning and decided to play some poker.  I really like poker.  Brad, my neighbour, he is really good at poker and says he has been crushing .15/.30 playing online poker at PokerRoom, so I decided to make a deposit to see if I could do ok.  I’m not as good as Brad, but I’ve taken a few trips around the felt, so I was really looking forward to it.

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