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Sit N Go Strategy Archives

Turbo Poker Tournament Strategy

Turbo poker tournaments have gained immense popularity of late, especially on the World Wide Web and online poker sites. Almost all major online rooms provide a good combination of turbo, super turbo as well as extreme or hyper turbo poker games. In this article, we will focus on the basic Turbo poker tournament strategy in its’ various stages.

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Its doubtful Chris Moneymaker knew in 2003, when he won the World Series of Poker that he’d change the way the world looks at poker, but it’s true nonetheless.  Since then, people from around the world and certainly this author, have dreamed of sitting at the final table, holding pocket aces, and staring down Jackie Chan.

However any decent player knows you’re only as good as your last game (or tournament) and learning to play a good sit n go game can generate some serious cash very quickly (skill and the poker gods not withstanding) .

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Developing the correct Sit N Go strategy is a crucial part of learning how to win Sit N Go tournaments.  Adapting to an ever diminishing number of players across a tournament or our own table is critical if we want to reach the cash, and employing the wrong Sit N Go strategy at the wrong time can be terminal to our chances. At the end of this article I’ll refer you to some of the best online strategy resources and publications specifically designed to ensure you’re crushing your Sit N Go Tables. For now, let’s get started on the essentials to a winning strategy.

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