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Fun Poker Video’s Archives

Is this all leading somewhere? Yeah, at the end of this post you’ll find our favourite Michelle moment where she gets pwned by Norman Chad. But in the mean time, take a look at some of the other (less than) memorable moments in the following video clips.
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Now Tiffany Michelle might look good enough to eat a plate of french fries off, but after having now seen just about all the footage of last years main event, I for one have let my initial enthusiasm for her deep run peeter out into reserved condemnation.  It’s not so much the way she played (which was impressively aggressive), or the fact that she had to suck out half a dozen times to avoid elimination (with a field that large, who doesn’t?).  It was just the fact that she was such a freaken b%*#h in the process. 

Am I in any position to judge?  How would I act if I smacked a couple of thousand other players in the rear to find myself in the top 30 at the World Series?  I dunno…I’d probably act like a right smarmy self congratulating tosser…but then I’d be the one who would have to suck up the blog posts written by poker champion wannabe’s about what a tool I was. 

We kick off this little poker remenisce where Tiffany Michelle calls the clock on Snead during a big pot.  Even if he was getting 10:1 odds on his money, like Marquis says…it’s just not cool.

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Laying Down Jacks Full At The World Series

This is a pretty sick poker hand and a great laydown.  Imagine being at the World Series and rivering Jack’s full and having the presence of mind and situational awareness to know you’re beat.  Not only does Romanello lay it down correctly, he does it with about the same level of nonchalance that most of us send 8 high into the muck.   What makes this a priceless poker video though is Matusows reaction at the end.  Huge laydown, much respect, but I’m with the Mouth on this one.

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Gus Hansen vs Erica Schoenberg

Geez…Gus Hansen, a bunch of hot poker chicks, and a sick hand. What more could you ask for in a 2 minute video.

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Daniel Negreanu Amazing Read

Following on from an earlier video, this is another example of Daniel Negreanu’s ability to analyse a hand, read his opponents, and make plays accordingly. His ability to reconstruct a hand is something of an artform. If you haven’t already, check out his blog. You’ll see him discussing hands he played days ago, and will be able to tell you exactly the amount of the pot, the cards, how the play went, and why it was interesting. It’s a brilliant insight into the mind of such a kick ass player. This is another example of Negreanu ‘doing his thing’ at the WSOP.

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Daniel Negreanu – The Man Can Read

Daniel Negreanu is something of a freak when it comes to reading poker.  In fact, some of the time we’d be forgiven for thinking that we the public trust Daniel’s reads better than Daniel does, given his tendency to tell opponents the exact cards they have, confirm that they have him beat, and then call anyway.  This video isn’t an example of that, but it is just one of many examples of Negreanu’s uncanny ability to know exactly where he is in a hand. 

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Phil Ivey v Paul Jackson – Bet Bluff Rebluff

In the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions a hand developed during final table heads up play between Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson.  We all know Ivey’s reputation at the table but Jackson’s no slouch, and you can’t help but marvel as the pair play a game of what can only be described as poker ‘chicken’.  If you haven’t seen it before, I won’t tell you who blinks.

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Bad Beat Poker – Ice Cold Deck AA KK QQ

Yep, most of us who know our way around youtube’s treasure trove of poker clippings have watched this puppy at least a couple of times, but it’s an unlikely hand that unfolded in a ‘penny for porn’ storyline fashion.   It’s not just the fact that three players wake up with the top three pairs.  Nope, whilst that’s interesting, it’s not of itself the most intriguing part of this tale. 

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Antonius Tearing Up Aussie Millions 2007

Well, I promised I’d post some video’s of Antonius getting his own back, so rather than wait I’ve dug out a couple of videos of his run at a cash game during the 2007 Aussie Millions, held at Crown Casino.  During the tournament they televise these cash games from the main t.v. table, and Antonius had a sweet run during one of them.  Check it out.

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Antonius & Ivey In 807k Cash Pot

This is an interesting hand which developed between Ivey and Antonius during Season 2 of the Million Dollar Cash Game.  It’s the second video I’ve posted of our man Antonius getting flamed at the felt, but there’s plenty of solid footage of him pounding on the poker community at large so I’ll be sure to even the tally soon.  There’s some great footage of him playing at the 2007 Aussie Millions in a side cash game.  Here you can watch him drop an 807k cash pot to Ivey. 

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Luigi v IDreamOfJenna – Sick Poker

I freaken love Patrik Antonius, he’d be one of my favourite poker pro’s, but this video series of Luigi and IDreamOfJenna playing 300/600 no limit holdem on Full Tilt is some of the sickest heads up action you’ll find floating online.  Check out our man Antonius (playing as Luigi) getting rheemed by IDreamOfJenna for a good half a mil in the space of 17 minutes.

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