The Aussie Millions has come to an end for 2009.  It was a particularly exciting year for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that a good mate made an impressive run, finishing a very respectable 29th and cashing for a cool 40k…you’re a champ Leo.  Another was that the title was finally taken down by an Aussie. 

Our group has had our inspiration inflamed by our friends finishing tally and our home game series, which will see at least one of us complete in next years main event, kicked off last night.

I mentioned the premise in an earlier post, but it remains a simple one.  10 players dueling over the felt once a month for 12 months, with the overall point heavyweight taking a seat in next years Aussie Millions. 

We’re playing with a structure similar to the main event albeit a lot faster.  20k starting stacks, with half hour blind levels, and points being awarded from 10th to 1st respectively, with each weeks tally adding to the last.

Just to prove he wasn’t a fluke, Leo gave us all a good drubbing last night and has notched up 20 points for Month 1.  I managed third for 18.  Another very good mate almost took down the raining champ by weilding his short stack like a maniac, but eventually dipped out for a very respectable second.  He made a bloody decent all-in call having connected with a 5 on the board, but was pipped by one of the champs overcards which, quite unreasonably, hit on the turn. 

The table dynamic was interesting.  We often play rebuy tournaments with this group and I think at least a few players got caught short playing the first levels hyperagressively but without the benefit of a pre-break top up…or the cards to carry it off. 

Next weekend we have a deep stack event which was an awesome tournament the last time we played.  With a larger buy in and over 12 million in chips on the table…it makes for some brilliant deep stack strategy. I’ll be heading back from a Bucks weekend to get involved so will no doubt carry on my reputation for only playing poker drunk or with a hang over.  Giddy up.

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