Gratz to Tyron Krost, the 2010 Aussie Millions winner, and fellow skip.  Nice work keeping the title on home soil .  There were less runners than anticipated with only 746 players taking the felt over the first 3 levels of Day 1.  At only 23, Krost has added a significant $2M AUD payday to his hip pocket.

Other notables at the final table were Sorel Mizzy and Annette Obrestad, who were both forced to succumb to Krost at the final table.

Other quick news:

- Online nosebleed stakes phenom Isildur1 has been spotted playing low stakes on FTP, but as recently as today was back at 100/200 in four tables against Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan.  At last check he’d been felted on two tables, once again causing the railbirds to wonder who he is, where he gets his money from, and whether he ever pays taxes.

- Seebok’s search for the UltimateBet cheaters continues, but dad Barry G has been going in to bat in the 2+2 forums of late despite his misgivings about young Joe’s career decision. Yay for BG, and at least Joe gets to console his inability to extract the truth from UB by cashing fat cheques from said UB.  I like Joe…but IMO UB is still akin to a rabid dog in dire need of putting down.

- Yours truly has been playing a lot more PL Omaha of late.  Sick fking game, but after a break even stretch in NLHE that seemed determined to outlast religion, the degeneracy is a welcome distraction.

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