Well, Day 1a of event 1 in the 2010 Aussie Millions started yesterday and Day 1b is currently in progress.  We had a fun lead up to this years Millions and wrapped up our Golden Ticket tournament.  Our mate who managed 29th in last years Millions took down the mantle and the honour of representing the group this year.  The best player certainly won, with a good show by second who was only a few points behind.  Both are playing today so I wish them the best of luck.

Yours truly only managed a third in the Golden Ticket tourney, which earned me a phase 2 to the Main Event.  I’ve turned that into a phase 3 ticket which I’m hoping to make use of in the next few days, and am likely to make a few more runs through the satellites if time permits.

With 327 runners in Day 1a and 310 in Day 1b, with the new repecharge rules, expectations are high that the prize pool will top a Million dollars.  Not too shabby.  I hope the lads can put in a good show.

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