It’s here, it’s started, and the bloodletting has already begun at this years Aussie Millions 2009 Main Event. If you’re a pro or spectator from the States or UK the prospect of a 2 million guaranteed first prize tournament might not warrant a gruelling 23 hour plane trip. It is, afterall, one big buy in event in a Country far far away. But for we skips down under, it’s the biggest event in town, and even though the official numbers are expected to drop from last years entrants, the Aussie Millions has still managed to yield a star studded field.

Crown Casino may be a far cry in terms of distance from the gambling hub of Vegas, but the internationals seem happy enough to make the trip and it’s a buzz for locals to see some of poker’s heavyweights taking a seat in the $10,500 event. The lead in events have kept our interest simmering and it’s been good to see some poker variants come to the fore in the event format selection.

Patrik Antonius is already satisfying the mob of railbirds eager to catch a glimpse, running up a healthy chip stack just shy of 140k in day 1a. Good looks, bundles of cash, a sizzling wife and poker skills that shame us all…if you’re a believer in distributed karma then it’s safe to say there must be half a dozen fat, balding unsuccessful broke finish men with wives with faces like a broken meat axe rueing the fact that Antonius has it all…including a disproportionate share of luck.

Sorel Mizzi, James Obst and Chronis have all had impressive starts in day 1a, with Tony G another notable well into the fray. There’s a fair bit of pressure on the Australian contingent this year, and a lot being made of the fact that an Aussie is yet to take down our own title. It’s not helped by the fact that we as a nation need a few hero’s at the moment, which we certainly aren’t finding in the f**king cricket.

Brian McFadden is the runaway story of the first day, making a comeback from a last gasp 1200 chips to a much healthier stack just shy of 40k. Apparently not satisfied with humping one of Australia’s hottest music icons, McFadden has gotten it into his head that he can play poker. Nice!

Spewing Ivey couldn’t stick around for the big one, doubly so because having a 1 million dollar sit in cash game without Ivey is like having a bbq without sausages.

A big shout out goes to Leo Cai, who has a very respectable 47k from day 1a, who we hope to see make a deep run in the event.

More news to come.

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