Well, I promised I’d post some video’s of Antonius getting his own back, so rather than wait I’ve dug out a couple of videos of his run at a cash game during the 2007 Aussie Millions, held at Crown Casino.  During the tournament they televise these cash games from the main t.v. table, and Antonius had a sweet run during one of them.  Check it out.

Crown do an awesome job hosting one of the largest poker tournaments in the southern hemisphere.  The poker room, whilst not large, is well situated and well managed.  What I love about the Aussie Millions rolling around (apart from some juicy side games…I’m yet to play the main event) is the access that railbirds have to the players.  In addition to that, spectators are reverant but respectful, and on the whole it seems to translate into a positive experience for all involved.  We were able to catch some very interesting side action on a high stakes table during day 4 this year.  It’s a buzz to have Phil Laak turn to you and ask ‘Did he just play that hand bad?  Tell me he didn’t just play that hand bad.’  I dunno Phil…you think on a whole different plane to me.

Anyway, here’s some action from 2007 to prove Antonius isn’t all bad.

Just as an aside, the Croc did apologise to Ivey afterwards for acting like a dead set friggen douche-bag…which he was.

This next vid is for comparison…can you tell the difference between Antonius playing pocket 8′s and quad 8s? The freak.

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