Congratulations to Joe “The Kid” Cada for winning the 2009 WSOP Main Event!

Outlasting 6493 competitors, the kid with the freakish nose has taken down the biggest event in poker, with heads up play between Cada and Darvin Moon lasting 87 hands. Just eight days prior to his 22nd birthday, Cada is also now the youngest player to win the Main Event.

For those on Team Ivey it was a disappointing finish to yet another impressively deep run by arguably the best in the business.

Cada was the only man able to finish the dream run of Moon, who despite his self proclaimed good luck also showed significant poker smarts for a guy who was ‘new at this’ (at least until he hit the final table).

We’re sure we’re not the only ones already looking forward to next years Main Event.

Here are the official standings and payout:

$ 8,547,042      Joseph Cada
$ 5,182,928      Darvin Moon
$ 3,479,670      Antoine Saout
$ 2,502,890      Eric Buchman
$ 1,953,452      Jeff Shulman
$ 1,587,160      Steven Begleiter
$ 1,404,014      Phil Ivey
$ 1,300,231      Kevin Schaffel
$ 1,263,602      James Akenhead

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